Italian South Florida™ shines a spotlight on Italian and Italian American culture both locally and beyond.

Jenifer Mangione Vogt

Jenifer Mangione Vogt, Editor-in-Chief of Italian South Florida and Founder & Chief Marketing Strategist at the site’s publisher, JMV Media Group, Inc., in June 2016.

Jenifer Mangione Vogt is Editor-in-Chief of this site and Chief Marketing Strategist at JMV Media Group, publisher of this site, and a boutique marketing firm she launched in 2014.  The content here on Italian South Florida™ springs from a love for Italy and a natural curiosity to learn about the country and it’s people and to serve as a an information portal for the ever-growing community of Italians and Italian Americans that call South Florida home, either for the short- or long-term.  If you have a story idea, event or something you’d like to promote, please contact jenifer@italiansouthflorida.com.

Italy has made numerous contributions to the world. It’s no joke when they say, “All roads lead to Rome,” because, in fact, many of the inventions we enjoy today – such as the stadium – do in fact originate with the Romans.

Beyond the delectable cuisine that people around the world enjoy, Italians have also contributed to science, agriculture, technology, art and, of course, architecture.

At Italian South Florida, the goal is to highlight and celebrate the very best of our cherished and beloved Italian culture.